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On a Sunday, in glorious summer weather I went for the last miles through the Black Forest back to the Swabian capital. The last day in the saddle was something special. Early in the morning on the way up to the mountain called ‘Hornisgrinde’ I recognized: The ‘Outdoor Trend’ has been introduced in Germany. The urge for fresh air was probably large. Lots of motorcycle, convertible, – or any other “topless … – Brain” drivers on big machines and cars passing by in sometimes daredevil maneuvers on the road. It took not a long time the first ‘fighter pilot’ crashed into the guardrail, Darwin stricked back. No, on a day like this, there is no space for cyclists on the ‘Black Forest battlefields’. Absolute no ‘relaxation’, there was only aggression in the road. Well, welcome back home! No upcoming ‘Homecoming joy’. But perhaps that will come,:-). Jop, that’s it! Over and out. In a few days, back in the ‘working spinning wheel’ I will get back again: weekends, a free evening and specially HOLIDAYS!!

In about two years ‘OnTheRoad’ I had once again a great chance to see the world from different angles. It was an intense time with very interesting encounters, incredibly sceneries and great experiences. But now the journey is over and the blog for the first as well.
Therefore, I would like to say a special thank to my parents, who had always taken care of the big and little things at home. Whenever there was something to organize or other issues, they were always there, without any hesitation! Thank you very much!
Also a big ‘Thank you’ to all those who had welcomed me, accompanied or supplied me otherwise. These were not few and so I renounce the naming, I probability would forget someone,:-).
Thanks also to the personal emails or messages on the blog. I was surprised again and again who reads all the entries, :-).
I would like to apologize mind me for the ‘wasted’ engineering hours at Vector to follow the blog.
At least I hope to give all readers a small glimpse into the trip and maybe, one time I will met you on the road… who knows.

Best regards Snuggel – RideSouth SK


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